Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Introducing Fat Hen "GENUINE" Free Range Eggs

Well the layer flock has arrived...not laying just yet as they are only 17 weeks old...but have settled in so very well and we are eagerly waiting for the first eggs....amazing I have people waiting for the eggs already.

following are some pics of the flock and their body guard !!

The birds are free ranged from 7am till 8pm when they promptly put themselves to bed in their sheds and the doors are closed....they spend their day scratching and wandering around a 6 acre paddock...they enjoy the afternoons when all the flying bugs come out and they get to chase them down.

Feeding time is an amazing experience...300 birds all over you...like the Bird sanctuary in QLD...they perch on your shoulders and on your back when you bend down to pick up the feeders.....amazingly friendly
Nothing like 300 layers running at you when you have a full Barrow of feed....something I will have to get pics of.

For all of you that have requested updated pics of Gloria (thanks Lucy and Trace), I know I have been slack...I finally have something to take pics of...FEATHERS they have just seemed to pop up in the last few weeks....promise to post them tomorrow


  1. She is a Maremma, a flock guardian...very very good at her job....Mr Fox wouldnt dare enter the paddock now...and she would eat any 2 legged fox who decided to visit with out me ...lol

  2. I just read though all your bogs. It's so sad about gloria's previus life and her friends who you could not rescue. I have known for ages about the bad conditions the birds are kept in and try never to by anything that isn't free range. Now that I have my very own little chicky's it has make it all the more clearer how bad and wrong battery farming is.
    Keep up the good work.
    I started my veru own blog after wanting to coment on your and it would not let me with out one. :)