Tuesday, September 29, 2009


A bit over a week ago, I recieved a call from my Vet, asking me for help for a local lady who's husband and daughter had found 3 ducklings in the Gutter in town one evening.

These are Wild Wood Ducklings, WIRES were called and were not really interested in them.

The Vet gave the lady my number and I walked her through the care they needed and how they would grow and develop, the Lady was concerned that as they were moving back to Sydney at christmas time, the ducks would then...although grown and most likley caring for themselves would be easy Target for foxes.
I offered once she had raised them as far as she could (as the young daughter wanted to keep them) she could release them on my property and I would keep an eye on them.

Calls ensued back and forward and on Monday Her husband called sounding quite worried.

The family have Jack Russell Terriers who have decided that they would enjoy Ducklings for dinner
So Monday afternoon, I became the foster mother for 3 VERY cute fluffy Ducklings, who have imprinted on humans. The family have done very very well with them, as at just over a week old they are still to show any pin feathering, so could not have been more than a few hours old, when found.....

There is now way these birds will fare well in the wild, they are too bonded to humans...I am limiting my contact with them, which is really hard as they are just too cute...my kids think so too....but they MUST learn to be ducks not humans...they follow feet and jump at you to get your attention.

My intention is when they are old enough to introduce them to my waterfowl so they will learn to go out every day and come home of an evening....or they will just become dinner for Mr or Mrs Fox, with no parents to teach them how to self preserve from predators.

I have sexed them and there are 2 females and 1 male....

The kids are thinking of names for them......

I will get some pics today.....

They are just too cute.

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  1. lovely ducks.....but messy!
    Have you found a bronze turkey yet???
    I have one stag called Boris and he is a joy!!! lovely blog