Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cullinary Delights

Well this morning was another "First" for the "Bare Naked Ladies"

The got a bucket full of veg peelings some left over sausages, and some fruit....all from the weekends lunches and dinners.

At first the looked at me as though I was insane tipping this rubbish in the middle of their yard....

THEN Lola discovered a Tomato...well it was on for young and old....Gloria stood in the middle of the pile of goodies....getting the best bits for herself....others were grabbing bits and running to a corner to gobble down what they could before someone else decided to steal it on them.

Was a chicken frenzy!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry no pictures of the blessed event....Batteries on camera dead as a door nail.

But to say the least...they have discovered what comes in the RED bucked is "Good Stuff"


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