Sunday, September 13, 2009

Operation Gloria : The Beginning

My Name is Heidi, I live in the beautiful NSW Southern Highlands, we have 50 acres of grazing land where we run a few cattle a geriatric horse, some pet sheep, 2 Alpaca Guradians and and ever suffering husban... we raise our 3 kids and a bunch of chooks, geese, ducks and guinea fowl.

I have always had a passion for animals, caught the poultry bug from my Irish Grandmother at age 3, and always was determined to have a rural property and some chooks.

Well 100 birds later, numerous breeds and many exhibition awards under my belt, we decided to take the jump into small Free Range Pasture egg Production.

I have always had a massive hatred toward mass produced cage raised eggs, and can say I have never KNOWINGLY purchased a cage produced egg.

I am always banging on to who ever will listen about the suffering a cage hen is put through so humans can have low cost all year round eggs.

I dont understand why when there are so many alternatives out there, how people can purchase eggs produced in such angst and can eating such "karma" be good for your body?

Almost every council in NSW will allow the household to keep 3 or 4 hens in your backyard.....simple and inexpensive coop in your yard will give you endless eggs for your kitchen and provide you not only with hours of entertainment but a living garbage disposal for all edible waste from your household.

SO, on Sunday September 13 2009, i decided to put my money where my mouth was....

I visited a Battery egg farm on the outskirts of Sydney, purchased 8 EX-BATTERY HENS ($3.00 ea) who have spent the best side of 14 months inside a shed. In a cage no bigger than an A4 size piece of paper (Go on look how big that isn't), with 3 - 4 birds crammed in with them....laying eggs...fighting for Food, water, space and somewhere to sit.

Never having felt sunshine, wind in their feathers, or dirt under their feet (they stand on wire for their entire laying life) only to be killed off when they are no longer mass producers......dont get me started on how they are killed.....

Egg laying is a naural sexual function that is extended by high protein feeds and artificial lighting.
The very yellow yolk that is naturally produced when a bird has access to green feed (grass, vege leaves etc) is created by mass quantities of Beta-carotene, fed to them nonstop in pelleted form.

An unhappy hen will lay.....featherless, De-beaked and starved for space, never even being able to extend their wings ...SHE will still lay......

For conditions these birds are kept in ...please visit

I intend to introduce you to Gloria, Mandy, Lola, Sadie and friends, have a look at what they look like.....I am going to start a Photographic journal of their progress from what you will see to "Normal Chooks"...If you can eat a cage egg again after veiwing the state of these birds....

"karma will get you eventually"

Oh BTW...they have all laid an egg today...bald as they are...they still did what they were supposed to!!!!

Welcome to OPERATION GLORIA : A road to recovery!


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