Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dusty Clean up and this and that.

The dust descended on us for 2 went from brilliant orange to the white cloud you can see in the has settled on everything...from the plants to the fences...the roof will need washing as will all the windows.

Felix the white Alpaca is now a nice shade of orange brown. (I actually watched them chase a fox out of the paddock this morning at about 5.45 am was amazing to watch them work together)

The wind is still gale force and its quite cold, I worry for the "bare naked ladies" as they have next to no feathers.

The egg production has dropped, we are only getting 3 eggs a day from the 8 girls (Shayne is coming to pick up her 2 so then there will be 6). With the egg drop I have noticed a change in the girls, they are starting to replace their feathers, or where their feathers should have been.

Iris in particular has nice little dark pin feathers all over her bald spots....very exciting
so instead of the protein in their diet going into making eggs (which I am in no short supply of)
their bodies are using it to create new feathers. Unfortunately chooks can't do both...lay eggs and make new feathers that's why when a normal chook moults in the autumn, their egg production falls off until they have their new clothes....!!

They have all discovered the delights of the out doors, even in the wind and dust, and are becoming increasingly difficult to get to go home in the evening....they have me running round in circles trying to get them to go home, you can't but help laugh at the antics of these girls burning around avoiding home, featherless and sprinting like naked road runners.
Only one girl ...(not sure who) is using the nest box, the other 2 lay where ever they are standing.

Spring has sprung, and I have my first Broody Goose sitting on 10 eggs, my ducks are laying, and we are using the eggs to make the most amazing cakes, though I do have to hunt around for the eggs at times, one girl likes to lay in the compost heap, another in the garden at the stable doors....I have to get to them before the Wiley crow...who shadows their every move...grrrr

Other than cleaning the's project is transplanting all the veg seedlings into the Veg garden that are ready, pulling out what is finished and saving the seeds for next year.

I am really excited to be planting some Heirloom Tomatoes again this year ..the fruit was amazing.......

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