Monday, September 14, 2009

Felix and Salvadore

Meet Felix (white Alpaca wether) and Salvadore (Brown Alpaca Wether) they are best friends and Guardians of the Feathered flock.

Whilst they do not run directly with the birds (chooks), they are in the paddocks surrounding the flock. Since their addition to our property, we have a noticeable reduction of Crows (stealing eggs), Wild ducks (spreading disease) and Foxes, preying on the Flock. Old Mr Fox who crossed the paddock like clock work has not been seen since they boys took over.

They enjoy the company of our 3 pet lambs, Ringo, Buddy and Molly, and get quite ruffled when the geese leave their dam and the paddock to go wandering around....this is when this pic was taken, they were waiting to count the waterfowl and usher them back to bed....mind you they were also hitting me up for some Alpaca Tucker.

Not a great deal has changed in the last 24 hrs with the Rescue hens, other than again like clock work we got eggs....they have not got with the idea of a nesting box yet and lay their eggs where they it can mean grubby eggs and a bit of a treasure hunt.

Again its Lola who is venturing out doors again, while the others are happy to bask in the sunshine and dust bathe in the mulch....they are kind of looking like Sigmund the sea monster, as all the much and litter is sticking to their Porcupine quills......All of them have more colour in their combs and wattles, which is a good sign for a chook....quite vocal with each other making the "bok bok bok" happy chook noise.

I must say it is a real joy to watch them, discover life......


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