Thursday, September 17, 2009

Green Recycling machine

I wanted to tell you about my AMAZING Recycling machine.
For anyone interested in gardening....and benefits to the family,
people who are conscious of how their food is produced.....

  • Requires minimal fuel, runs well on almost all your kitchen scraps plus a small amount of Fuel.

  • Low Cost

  • Comes in a Variety of colours, Sizes and shapes....

  • Turns all your household waste into Usable material,for both Garden and kitchen....

  • Vitamin and Nutrient rich by-products

  • By-product suitable for human consumption

  • User friendly, requires minimal skill for operating.

  • Gives great Joy to the user

  • can be used to aid in soil regeneration, and harrowing of unsuitable soils.

  • great addition to your orchard and veg Garden

  • will make you highly popular with friends and relatives wanting to get the by products!!!

  • Do something for the environment......get your self a "Green Recycling Machine"

Picture below of this LOW COST WONDER.....

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