Sunday, September 13, 2009

Operation Gloria: A road to recovery

This is a confronting picture, close up of what is left of the feathers on Gloria's side and back, most of it is caused due to the cramped conditions and being constantly left to rub against both other birds and against the wires of the cages.

The "quills / stems" of the feathers are left, no down on them, they are rough like sand paper and sharp. The birds stand with their wings out from their body to try to protect their skin.

The feathers on their backs are missing as they jump on each other fighting for space and feed, so pull them out.

These are 4 of the 'Not so Bad" bunch....Lola is the one looking through her legs......

Discovering food...In a bowl

This is Gloria......Day 1

Top shot of Gloria and Mandy.......meeting the male neighbours.

The door to their run is open all day, though only Lola has been brave enough to venture out doors.

The smell these birds are giving off from what is left of their commercial feed in their bodies is EXTREME...I have never smelt anything like it...and have smelt some pretty rank things over the years.....

Poor Birdies

The hardest thing was only taking 8.....


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  1. oh poor hard to see this with my fat happy brood outside. I will post a link on my blog. I think chicken and pigs have the worst conditions of any animal bred for food - it's disgusting and as a consequence, we don't buy it anymore unless organic and free range. It must have been hard to only take 8 but at least these girls will be able to express their true natures under your tlc.